Veteran battles with PTSD's affect on intimate realtionships

Published: Jan. 18, 2017 at 5:18 PM EST
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Many veterans return home with secrets and battles they fight alone.

For some, that battle is war with alcohol, jobs and even violence. Other vets, Like Jeb Herrin, deal with another private issue, one they often fight alone.

For months, Herrin suffered in silence when the uniform came off. He courageously told Local 8 News about that struggle and his own private battle in his bedroom..

"It's almost like you're a teen, your first time again and you're trying to read into everything," said Herrin.

Herrin admitted he grappled with sexual intimacy in a previous relationship. He said his mind would go back to his time overseas when he over analyzed everyone and everything in combat zones.

"You're going into that hyper-aware state of, okay, this hand moved there what does that mean?" asked Herrin. "Should I do something about that or should I let that be?" he continued.

Dr. John Lacy said studies show a direct correlation with veterans who have PTSD and sexual dysfunction. He said this may be difficult for vets who use medicine to treat the disorder, considering the many side effects.

"They can range from decrease in libido or desire to actual worsening of erection or delayed ejaculation," said Dr. Lacy.

Herrin won his battle and even brought a baby boy into the world. His main advice to others like him is speak up.

"You didn't go at it alone overseas, don't go at it alone now," said Herrin.