Veteran takes his spirit of service to East Tennessee homes in need

Published: Oct. 25, 2017 at 4:07 PM EDT
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Pasty Davis' house was falling apart.

"Nobody should have to live in a place with their ceiling falling in," said Pasty Davis, who is getting her house renovated. "This is my home place, I've been here a long time."

Vietnam Army veteran Jerry Pierce took Davis' call for help and stepped in to fix her ceiling, add a laminate floor and nail down railings on her steps.

"It was a very cricial situation that we were able to change," said Nehemiah Projects founder Jerry Pierce.

Pierce's non-profit, Nehemiah Projects, fixes homes for those who need it most.

"It means a whole lot," said Davis. "I would have had to leave it if it wasn't for them coming out here to fix it because it was in bad shape."

Pierce said serving is in his blood—he served his country for 22 years. Now, he's serving his community and putting in the back-breaking work of putting homes back together that are literally falling apart.

"It's worth it all when she gives us that hug and that big smile," said Pierce. "When we came here, she said she couldn't cry anymore. She was in despair, but now she's laughing, she's always in a good mood and that's a blessing to us. It makes it worth it all."

Now Davis said she can feel at ease, still in her old home, but with brand new additions.

"There's no words that can tell you how much I appreciate him," said Davis.

To become a volunteer with Nehemiah Projects,