Vienna Coffee house donates profits to ministry

Vienna Coffee House in the Regas building is still a for-profit company, but they will be donating all of its profits to ministry efforts.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Vienna Coffee House in the Regas building is under new ownership and they're making some changes.

The new owners decided to designate their profits to local ministry efforts.

The company made the change on January 16. According to one of the owners and store manager Marc Atchley, the company will only use money to pay the bills and the employees working at the coffee shop. All other monies will go to charity.

Atchley said this is all a part of the company's effort to spread the word of God and build better relationships with the community.

"Our business really isn't about selling coffee and food," said Atchley. " I mean we do that, but beyond that we create community space here and we are intentional about developing relationships with the customers that come in."

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