Virginia high school to add classes prepping students to work with CBD


BRISTOL, Va. (WVLT) -- A Virginia high school will be adding classes to its curriculum that prepares its students to enter the CBD industry after a school board vote that occurred on Monday.

The Bristol Virginia School Board voted 5-0 to approve the measure, CBS affiliate WJHL reported. The school sought permission from the Virginia Department of Education to get five course. Two of those will help prepare students to work in the CBD oil industry.

According to WJHL, the classes will be offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors and will allow students to learn more about Hydroponics, an alternative to using a greenhouse.

The assistant principal at Virginia High School, Jan Huffman, says the courses will give students more qualifications to get jobs at a proposed CBD processing facility, Dharma Pharmaceuticals.

"As that's coming to our community possibly we want to make sure our students have opportunities," said Huffman.

However, Huffman says the courses were not introduced with the intention of preparing students to work in that industry specifically; she hopes that all five new courses will help students experience in other areas, too.

"Every career and technical education course we offer starts with offering students put together a portfolio of their ability and skills whatever that may be," she said.

The new courses will be approved before the upcoming school year and may be available as early as this coming Fall.