'Manning Mania' helping local business

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Peyton Manning's retirement is good for at least one Knoxville business.

The local store manager says the phone rang non-stop with people asking about Peyton gear Sunday.

"This is the same store that sold out during the Super Bowl. Don't worry though. They still have jerseys, T-shirts, even Peyton Legos and expect another shipment to come in soon," said Andrew Long, manager at Sport Seasons.

Vol fans also believe his image helps his brand.

“I think he's a class act. He's an ambassador for UT football. I don't think we have a better face for our program,” said Bo Burns.

Burns touts Manning as a role model. In fact, Burns' 11-year-old son wants to attend the University of Tennessee because of Peyton and the example he's set both on and off the field.

"Just for what he stands for, what he's done for the school, just the way he carries himself and stuff like that. He gives a lot of people something to look up to," said Burns.

Burns tells Local 8 News the energy at a Vols game now is special, but it was even more magnetic when Peyton took the field.