Pumps make progress in Jefferson County subdivision

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) For two months, residents in the Ashley Oaks neighborhood have been searching for some relief due to high flood waters. Now, two pumps are being used in the subdivision to help dry the area out.

"I thank God for godly men and them volunteering to help out in such a great need," said Gerald Stallings, whose son lives in Ashley Oaks.

Volunteers with the Jefferson County Baptist Association Disaster Relief team were out working to help dry out the neighborhood. They said they think the pumps are already making a dent in some of the water levels.

Since the pumps began working at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 16, they already pumped out three million gallons of water by noon on Thursday, April 18.

They are pumping about 15,000- 17,000 gallons of water per minute, and 90,000- 100,000 gallons of water per hour.

Danny Newman is the Jefferson County Baptist Association Disaster Relief Director. He said their goal is to get folks back home if possible.

"We go on hurricanes. We went to Colorado one year when they had fire out there," Danny Newman said.

This mission is closer to home in Jefferson County.

"We're just trying to help these folks out," Newman said.

"We're just pumping water, and of course we have to pump it about a mile away. It's going all the way over to Beaver Creek, and we're just trying to help these folks out," Newman said.

With the significant amount of water in this area, they said it requires around-the-clock pumping.

"We just need to help them out get them back in their houses," Newman said. "If we can, I know some of them probably will not be be able to be inhabited, but we're going to try."

"If these men hadn't come in and started pumping, this water would have been here months from now," said Stallings.