Volunteers spend Saturday morning cleaning up Mechanicsville, discover discarded knives

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Saturday morning was an early one for the members of
Boy Scout Troop 255 from South Knoxville.

They loaded up with leaders and parents to volunteer at the Mechanicsville Cleanup in Northwest Knoxville. Gearing up with bright orange vests and gloves on, hauling large trash bags and long tools for reaching trash, they started their assignment at Danny Mayfield Park off College Street.

As half of the volunteers who showed up for the latest Keep Knoxville Beautiful cleanup effort, these dozen or so volunteers were closely supervised.

When asked to explain the safety rules they'd just heard, one scout explained, "So we have to make sure we don't pick up any glass or needles, we always have to stick with a buddy in case anything goes wrong, and we have to wear these special vests to make sure everyone knows we're volunteering."

The group of volunteers, guided by adult scout leaders, found two tires, glass bottles, a deflated swimming pool, clothing, a backpack, and even two knives. This was all within feet of not only the park but also Maynard Elementary School.

Program Coordinator Maddy Staff said of these efforts, "Last year, we collected about 65,000 pounds of trash, which is a huge amount.
This year we hope to collect less trash this year; the less we collect the better off Knoxville is." Staff said this Mechanicsville effort yielded 330 pounds of trash from 24 volunteers.

Peggy Myers took part in the Saturday event as treasurer of the Mechanicsville Community Association. She said, "I'm always thankful and grateful to see so many volunteers to come out that don't live in the Mechanicsville community, and we're trying to get more of the Mechanicsville community to participate."

Keep Knoxville Beautiful has details on how you can get involved in a cleanup in your neighborhood or anywhere around Knoxville.