Von Pearson and Alexis Johnson added to Title IX suit

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- UT football newcomer Alexis Johnson and former Vol Von Pearson were added to the Title IX lawsuit against the university.

According to court documents, the victim of an assault by Pearson says she went to his apartment with a roommate, who was also a UT football player. She was in the roommate's bedroom when he left to get food.

That's when she says Pearson walked into the bedroom and pulled her out of the bed. She says he did not stop groping her after she asked him. Another person came into the room and interrupted Pearson. The victim says he then walked out of the room.

The other victim added to the lawsuit says she was assaulted by Johnson on Valentine's Day this year. She said she was at his on-campus apartment at Volunteer Hall. She says he kept trying to touch and kiss her, but she told him to stop.

She said she went to sleep in the living room with another friend. That's when, according to the lawsuit documents, Johnson picked her up and brought her to his room. She said he tried to unbutton her pants and she told him to stop.

A witness said Johnson punched the victim and her lip looked injured.

The victim reported the assault to police that night. Johnson is charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

A university spokesperson told Local 8 News that Johnson was suspended from the team and the school is aware of the arrest.