WATCH: Baby Yoda plays 'Rocky Top'

Disney / MGN

(WVLT) -- Tennessee football has given us visual confirmation that the internet sensation known as 'Baby Yoda' is, in fact, a Vol fan.

Watch the video here:

If you've been on the internet at all within the last few months, chances are you have seen at least one meme, video or picture of the adorable green creature.

Baby Yoda is a character on Disney+'s show "The Mandalorian," which is part of the Star Wars universe. The character got its name from a vast amount of internet users because it is the same species of an iconic character from Star Wars, Yoda.

In one of the more popular scenes of the show, Baby Yoda can be seen pushing a button in a ship, while the titular character, "The Mandalorian," turns the button off.

People have used that scene and played music on the video, turning Baby Yoda into a Backstreet Boys fan such as in this meme below:

Maybe you've seen Baby Yoda play 'Baby Shark":

But on Tuesday, Vol fans got to rejoice. Baby Yoda, according to Tennessee football's Twitter, is a fan of the Big Orange.

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