WEATHER: When you wake up on Friday morning...expect MORE rain

As you wake up on Friday morning, more rain and clouds will be greeting you. Expect roughly 0.25 inches of rain or more to fall just before and during the morning commute. The morning low should be around 45 degrees. The sun will rise at 7:46 AM on Friday, but again, will be difficult to see due to overcast skies.

By 10 AM, temperatures should be around 52 degrees. And by noon, temperatures should be around 56 degrees.

Another 0.25 inches of rain or more may fall during Friday afternoon and evening. Gusty winds should develop in the afternoon, peaking between 35 and 40 mph with some isolated thunder.

Expect an early afternoon high temperature around of 62 degrees.

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Knoxville on Friday: (Periods of rain, 80% chance, isolated thunder, gusty P.M. winds of 35 to 40 mph, mostly cloudy, highs around 62 degrees)

4 AM 45 degrees......Cloudy, periods of rain, patchy fog

7 AM 47 degrees......Cloudy, periods of rain, patchy fog, sunrise 7:46 AM

1 PM 62 degrees......Mostly cloudy, isolated thunder, VRB / SW 5-15 + mph

4 PM 59 degrees......Cloudy, wind-driven showers, gusts 35 to 40 mph

7 PM 55 degrees......Cloudy, more showers

Sunset 5:35 PM