Snow on the Plateau, winter rain everywhere else

When you wake up on Saturday morning, some of you may find some raindrops, snowflakes or a combination of the two. The chance of precipitation is running at 70% by the end of the afternoon, but we'll be tracking rain by then, not snow.

A few snow showers continue across higher elevations along the Kentucky side of the Cumberland Plateau through late morning. A half-an-inch or less of snow is possible there, but others are much too warm for snow.


Temperatures bump up quickly during the late morning. After 4:00-5:00 p.m., rain moves in from the west and will be heavy at times overnight.

Expect a rain-filled Sunday, with temperatures not far off from 50°.


After Sunday's rain, many wind up with 0.5-0.75" of fresh rain. Following that trend, well, there's even more scattered showers Monday (and maybe even a few early morning snowflakes Monday).

Tuesday through Thursday should be quiet. Rain and warmth return Friday and Saturday.

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