Waiting until the last minute to file taxes? You're not alone

(CBS) -- With the deadline to file on coming up on Monday, tax season is almost at an end. However, some may be scrambling to get their information filed.

According to CBS, about one in five tax filers wait until the last two weeks before the filing deadline to file their taxes. "We process about a third of all volume in April," said a spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Service. That includes the people who file extensions in April and the return itself later in the year.

Last year, the deadline fell on April 18. 17 million tax returns, 11 percent of the total filed, were filed the week of the deadline. 10 percent came in the week before the deadline. The back-loading could be even more extreme this year, CBS reported.

The IRS processes about 152 million individual returns each year. As of April 6, just over 103 million had been filed. That leaves nearly 50 million scrambling to file their returns or file for an extension.

In a press release, the IRS said that about 14 million Americans would get an extension. However, the extension only delays any refunds.