One week, one tiny home: Learn how to build it at Morristown workshop

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Incredible Tiny Homes is a seven-day, six-night workshop in Morristown, where professionals teach people how to build a tiny home of their own.

This workshop drew Stanley Ocitti from North Carolina to build a tiny home. Ocitti said he doesn't like the idea of living in a big house.

"I was always looking for something where I could find a smaller living area, but that was comfortable as well," Ocitti said.

His wife is helping him build their new home.

"The idea of building your own home's kind of exciting," Ocitti said. "Most people buy homes. Few can say, 'hey, I helped build my own home.' So it just appealed to us that way."

Ocitti researched and found Incredible Tiny Homes, where professionals help homeowners build their home.

"When you come here, it's already framed in with a roof, windows, and doors," Incredible Tiny Homes owner Randy Jones said. "You come, you take it from there. You'll help in the interiors walls, you're setting your cabinets, your plumbing, your wiring."

They provide supervision as home-builders use machinery and build, even if they have no experience. Organizers provide each client with the necessary skills.

"I'm not the most handy person," Ocitti said. "So coming here, learning some of the tools of the trade — how to use your hands and build stuff — really benefited me a lot."

Jones said it's his passion to help people and it gives the new homeowners a sense of pride in what they created.

"At the end of the six days they feel like, 'oh my God, I helped build my own home,' " Jones said. "They can see where the wiring is, the plumbing is, they can feel that initiative that they had a hand in building their own home."

For homeowners like Ocitti, the experience is rewarding from start to finish.

"Just the thought that you're building your own home with your bare hands; you can't beat that, that's amazing," Ocitti said.

Incredible Tiny Homes has a week-long workshop once a month. The homes start at $18,000. If you're interested in getting involved and creating your own tiny home, visit the Incredible Tiny Homes website.