Warmer temperatures, cold waters good for fishing on the Clinch

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Norris Dam, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Trout was the catch of the day in the waters beneath the Norris Dam Thursday.

"Well we're enjoying this beautiful sunshine and we're fishing," Wayne McCarter said as he walked home with his catch in hand.

Fishermen said the Clinch was one of the cleanest streams, with the coldest waters in East Tennessee.

"Did pretty good," Seth French, a fisherman, said. "Did pretty good. Stayed busy."

Home to brook, brown, and rainbow trout, the Norris Dam was slowly flowing.

But for some, a day on the water didn't beat a night in the kitchen, cooking up the day's catch. A love for the sport that would get them out on any day, even in January.

"Well it's always a good day to fish," McCarter said.

Thursday afternoon was especially good for the sport with warm temps, and cold and calm waters.

TWRA released 90,000 more rainbow trout across Tennessee and will continue through March.

"They stock this section quite frequently," McCarter said. "And it makes for real good fishing."

Which brought out the masses.

"It was pretty crowded earlier," French said. "It's starting to thin out now."

All enjoyed a rare glimpse of spring, and a hope to see more.

"I hope we get more days like this," McCarter said. His group of 5 walked away with 28 trout, which was nearly the limit of 7 each.

Trout stamps go on sale again in February.