Watch out for fake Black Friday apps

(WTVF) -- Thinking of downloading an app to assist you with Black Friday shopping? A cybersecurity company says one in 25 Black Friday-themed apps are fake.

Cybersecurity company RiskIQ said one in every 25 Black Friday apps is fake. According to the company, the fakes are designed to steal credit card information.

RiskIQ reported that phony apps use popular brand logos and identities to steal information, and some were designed to download malware onto the users' phones.

Cybersecurity experts recommended consumers do a few things to prevent personal information from being stolen.

Consumers should only download apps from Google Play or the App Store. Fake apps may be on there, but it's a lot less likely.

Experts also suggested not downloading apps that ask for access to contacts, text messages, store passwords or credit cards.

As an extra measure, read about the app's developer before downloading. Red flags such as poor grammar and spelling, as well as a buggy appearance, can alert consumers that something is off.