Water into Wine Bistro celebrates one year in business

Published: May. 18, 2017 at 11:34 PM EDT
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After a year of business, things are only looking up for Knoxville's Water Into Wine Bistro and Lounge.

Nestled away in the Farragut Village off Campbell Station Rd. is a small lounge with a miraculous name. The Water Into Wine Bistro and Lounge, started as nothing more than a saying.

"My mother's favorite saying is 'if Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine, we can drink it," owner Candace Viox said.

It was that saying and the sudden death of Viox's mother that put her on a path to create what is becoming a hub of activity in West Knoxville.

"I was lost," explained Viox. "I didn't know what to do. I was also going through a divorce. I needed to start a new chapter, but I wasn't quite sure what to do."

After growing tired of the bar scene, Viox used her passion for wine and the desire to foster healthy relationships to go to school and learn how to own and operate a restaurant. After 5 years of school and internships, the Water Into Wine Bistro and Lounge was born.

"I was sick of going to bars where I was preyed on by men that would sit there with their $3 jack and cokes and disrespect me," said Viox.

"I wanted to open up a relational restaurant where tables link together, people going through divorce or loss would have a safe neighborhood pub to hang out at."

Once inside the bistro you can make your way to the bathroom and find several bible verses and signs with inspirational quotes.

"I want women to come in this restroom and remember that God loves her. She's going to get through it. I'm also here to pray with her if she wants me too," said Viox.

The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday and hold events throughout the week. According to Viox, Water Into Wine has 200 different types of wine and 70 you can get by the glass.