Got weekend plans? Expect to dodge scattered rain

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- We've had a lot of pop showers and storms in our area lately, so some of you are probably sick of rain and others are saying, what storms?

Widespread but on-and-off rain chances are here both days this weekend. /: (WVLT)

Well, this weekend we have a weak cold front passing through.

The rain chances go up a little, as we have more of a 60% coverage of our area at times. BUT, it's still not widespread nor that organized.

Rain should hold off through the noon hour, with the exception of a storm forming right over top of the Smokies, then moving into North Carolina.

Did you see those towering, thin, clouds the last few days? These 'cloud towers' show us that there's no real wind at the ground or up high. While that really helps prevent severe weather, that also means that any mid-afternoon storm that forms will be crawling eastwards. That could spell lots of lightning and some small but locally intense downpours.

With the front actually passing through Sunday, we'll have a few more showers and storms at times throughout the day.

Have a great weekend, stay dry, and join us for the forecast where you live on WVLT News!

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