Should the electoral college stay or go?

(WVLT) -- On Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren brought up the debate over the electoral college.

According to the National Journal's tracker of candidate travel, back in 2016, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made 178 total trips to just 24 states between August 1st to Election Day. Narrowing travel down further, only six states hosted roughly 63% of those visits. Those states were the crucial electoral college battlegrounds of: Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Defenders of the electoral college system say it sends candidates to states that would likely receive little attention if the Presidential Election was decided by the popular vote.

There have been only four Presidential elections since 1860 where the electoral college and popular vote did not match up for the same candidate. Those years were: 1876, 1888, 2000, 2016.

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