What to do if your baby starts choking

Published: Aug. 18, 2016 at 11:35 AM EDT
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In this Medical Matters, Prime Medical Training shows us what to do if your child begins choking.

Andrew Randazzo with Prime Medical said it is very easy for objects to become lodged in a baby's airway.

"An infant's airway is very small. It's only the diameter of a number two pencil," said Randazzo.

If the child appears to be making noises that means they still have air flow, let them try and work it out on their own. It's when they become unresponsive or start coughing and making no noise, you need to jump into action.

In the video, Randazzo demonstrates the steps you should take.

If the baby becomes unresponsive you'll want to call 911 immediately and begin CPR. Never put your fingers in their mouth, that could cause even more issues.