What would you do to help your neighborhood

Published: Aug. 10, 2018 at 10:52 AM EDT
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(WVLT) -- The company Windows USA surveyed folks across the country about how they help their neighbors.

Apparently, us Volunteers here in Tennessee are willing to give more cash than their time to help a neighbor in need.

Most Tennesseans would, in fact, give just about $100 bucks to a needy, in dire straits neighborhood. But that's a little less than the average amount the country as a whole would lend their neighbor at roughly $170.

Overall, it appears Alaskans have the biggest hearts, or the most to give financially at roughly $700, while those in North Dakota would only kick-in $16 towards a neighbor in need.

We've got a question right now on WVLT's Facebook Page about how you would help your neighbor who's in a jam.

Watch WVLT-News at 4p this afternoon to see if we use your comment on TV.

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