Blount County: Mitchell, Berrong reelected as mayor, sheriff

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 5:07 PM EDT
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Ed Mitchell and James Berrong won their reelection bids as Blount County mayor and sheriff, respectively.

The two Republicans ran unopposed in Thursday night's general election.

Learn more about the governor's race and other state primaries


What's on the ballot:
Mayoral race: Ed Mitchell: GENERAL ELECTION WINNER Ed Mitchell currently serves as mayor and won the primary vote while running for re-election. Mitchell says government transparency is a goal, along with maintaining the county's beauty and integrity, and having access to excellent education and reliable employment. He boasts attracting and recruiting businesses and industries to bring quality and dependable jobs to Blount County.

No democratic candidate qualified for the mayoral race Sheriff's race: James Lee Berrong: GENERAL ELECTION WINNER James Lee Berrong currently serves as sheriff and secured the primary vote while running for re-election. Berrong says citizen safety is his priority, and wants to lead proactive and aggressive efforts to address issues in the county. He says he does this through equipping deputies with resources and technology needed to serve and protect.

No democratic candidate qualified for the sheriff's race What else is on the ballot: -County Commission, District 1, Seat A -County Commission, District 1, Seat B -County Commission, District 2, Seat A -County Commission, District 2, Seat B -County Commission, District 3, Seat A -County Commission, District 3, Seat B -County Commission, District 4, Seat B -County Commission, District 4, Seat C -County Commission, District 5, Seat A -County Commission, District 5, Seat B -County Commission, District 6, Seat A -County Commission, District 6, Seat B -County Commission, District 7, Seat A -County Commission, District 7, Seat B -County Commission, District 8, Seat A -County Commission, District 8, Seat B -County Commission, District 9, Seat A -County Commission, District 9, Seat B -County Commission, District 10, Seat A -County Commission, District 10, Seat B -County Trustee -Circuit Court Clerk -County Clerk -Register of Deeds -County Highway Superintendent -Board of Education, District 1 -Board of Education, District 3 -Board of Education District 5 -Board of Education, District 7 -City Commission of Friendsville -City Commission of Townsend Here's a list of all the candidates on the Blount County General Election/State Primary ballot. Learn more about the Blount County Primary held May 1 here.

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