Sheriff Seals, Mayor Waters win reelection bids in Sevier County

(WVLT) -- Sheriff Ronald "Hoss" Seals won his reelection bid in Sevier County, and Mayor Larry Waters won as well.

Seals ran unopposed in Thursday night's general election.

Rain caused high waters across the county on Thursday as folks headed out to vote on election day.

"We wanted to get here early before the line got long. We thought, 'well maybe if it's raining it'll hold some people off,'" said Hank Jones, a voter in Sevierville.

Several precinct parking lots were almost empty and poll workers said it had been a slow day.

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What's on the ballot:

Mayoral race:

Larry Waters: GOP Primary winner
Larry Waters currently serves as mayor and is running for re-election. Waters calls the time since the wildfires challenging, but says cooperation between citizens and elected officials had led the county forward. Waters wants to continue job growth, education, roads, safety, health and infrastructure.

No democratic candidate qualified for the mayoral race

Sheriff's race:

Ronald L. "Hoss" Seals currently serves as sheriff and is running for re-election. Seals says he wants to enhance equipment and add personnel to improve courthouse security, partner with schools to ensure student safety, and enhance street crimes and narcotics efforts to fight the opioid epidemic.

No democratic candidate qualified for the sheriff's race

Here's a list of all the candidates on the Sevier County General Election/State Primary ballot.

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