Where does Tomato Head get its art?

You may have visited the Tomato Head in Market Square and wondered where the restaurant's artwork came from; the answer may surprise you: students.

Students from Bearden Middle School have their talent displayed for all of Knoxville to see in the restaurant. The Tomato Head displays art from local artist on a monthly rotation. This month they chose to display the talent and vision of the students.

The works vary from student to student, ranging from abstract art to mixed media to water colors. The students are under the direction of teachers Mike Weininger and Jessie Winston.

The exhibit will be on display at the downtown Knoxville Tomato Head location on Market Square till February 3rd. The exhibit will then be moved to the West Knoxville Tomato Head location from February 5th thru March 4th.

You can read more about the art work at http://thetomatohead.com/bearden-middle-school/