Why is there a period on the Blount County Courthouse?

"Blount County Court House." /(WVLT)

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) People in Maryville have been asking on social media asking about a period mark on the end of signage on the Blount County Courthouse.

There were also many people who hadn't noticed the added punctuation, including Tim and Leslie Murtaugh.

"Usually we're very observant and I didn't notice it," said Murtaugh.

The mayor's office said they've received a few phone calls recently asking if there's an explanation for the use of the punctuation.

Reina Kant works at Razberries boutique across the street from the courthouse and looks at the building every day. She has her own explanation.

"I never noticed that period before today, but my thought is that this is the Blount County Courthouse period. So there are no questions if and's or's or but's- everybody will know that this is what it is," said Kant.

The Mayor's office says they're combing through their archives to see if there's any reason for why the period is there, so far they haven't found anything.