Wildfires currently burning in East Tennessee

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Tennessee Department of Agriculture releases a daily report outlining current wildfire conditions across the state. As of Monday, there are currently 62 active fires with more than 16,800 acres burned.

Aaron Coakley with the Del Rio Fire Dept. captured this photo of a massive wildfire burning on Neddy Mountain in Cocke County on November 16. 2016.

Officials listed several major fires burning in East Tennessee, including one in Blount County at East Miller's Cove involved 1,116 acres, which is now 75% contained, one on Neddy Mountain in Cocke County which involved 885 acres and is now 100% contained, another on White Oak Circle in Morgan County involving 3,135 acres and is now 100% contained.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam issued a proclamation declaring a regional ban on burning in 51 counties in response to the ongoing drought and destructive wildfires throughout Middle and East Tennessee. It applies to open-air burning near woodlands and includes a prohibition of campfires, and burning of brush, vegetation, and construction debris. Generally, the burn ban does NOT apply to cooking grills and other similar lighted devices that are well established in a confined, protected area away from woodlands. However, as a precaution, the disposal of hot grill ashes can be a fire hazard. Grill ashes should be allowed to completely cool or wetted before disposal in all cases.

As a reminder, the burning of household waste is never allowed under state air quality laws. The TDA Division of Forestry does not expect to issue any permits in counties not currently under a ban until the state receives substantial precipitation.

Additional information regarding wildfires in East Tennessee can be found at the BurnSafeTN website.

The following is a comprehensive list of current fires in the eastern region of the state:

2 active fires, 213 acres involved
Windrock Road
Beech Grove Road

One active fire, 1,116 acres involved
East Miller's Cove

8 active fires, 2,174.1 acres involved
Stoney Fork #3
Mile Marker 138
Mile Marker 156
Lee Asbury / Trail 13
Trail 13
6307 Stinking Creek Rd.
Cumberland Trail 10
Trail 17

One active fire, 885 acres involved
Neddy Mountain Rd

One active fire, 75 acres involved
Hailey Grove

One active fire, 201 acres involved
Location: Old Mountain Rd.

One active fire, 871 acres involved
Location: Chimney Top

Two active fires, 376 acres involved
Cool Branch Rd
Duck Creek Rd

One active fire, 300 acres involved
Laurel Run Rd

Two active fires, 33.3 acres involved
Hwy 163 / CR 107

One active fire, 574 acres involved
Hwy 165

Four active fires, 3,436.5 acres involved
Bald Knob Rd
Mill Creek
White Oak Circle

Three active fires, 16 acres involved
Pierce Hill #2
Pierce Hill Loop
Pleasant Road

No active fires at this time

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Aaron Coakley with the Del Rio Fire Dept. captured this photo of a massive wildfire burning on Neddy Mountain in Cocke County on November 16. 2016.