East Tennessee couple releases bear from inside car

Published: Jan. 15, 2018 at 11:21 AM EST
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A woman posted a video on Facebook Sunday of a bear trapped in her friend's car.

She did not want us to use her name, but said she believes the bear opened the car door and because it was parked on a hill, the door shut behind the bear.

Jacob Norris, a keeper at Zoo Knoxville, said he's not sure bears have the dexterity to open a car door. He said the video was certainly bizarre.

"It's possible? I guess? I don't think they would actually go up to a car and try to get in it," he laughed.

The video shows two bears, one watching as the couple tried to let the other bear out. After two attempts to let the bear out, the woman's husband was successful.

That's because they are not true hibernators. Norris said their main motivator is food.

"Black bears don't do a true hibernation so they're not like what most people think, in a cave and go to sleep till winter is over," he said. "They do slow down in the winter, but on warmer days they can come out and look for some food."

is what you should do if you see a bear.