Woman claims to be "kidnapped," couple dials 911 and finds out it was fake

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HAROLD, Ky. (WYMT) - A fun Friday spent at Hillbilly Days ended in worry for a Floyd County couple.

Shondra and Drew Halbert pulled their truck into the Harold Double Kwik Gas Station and noticed something odd.

"They were parked where no lights were at all. As soon as we start slowing down there was this woman hops out. She was looking at us, then comes running," recalled Shondra.

Feeling cautious, Drew rolled his window down about two inches to talk to the bloody and bruised woman.

"She starts beating on the window like please help me, help me, help me, he's kidnapped me, please help me," explained Shondra.

Shondra says she noticed something was strange, but she knew she needed to help her.

"You could tell she was messed up. But she knew enough that she needed help," said Shondra. "And I think he thought he had her messed up enough that she wouldn't get out of the vehicle and she wouldn't tell," she continued.

While Drew talked to the visibly terrified woman, Shondra dialed 9-1-1.

Soon, one Kentucky State Police Trooper with Post 09 pulled into the parking lot.

"He hops out of the vehicle and I walk around our vehicle. She comes running to me and I catch her. Then she starts screaming and crying," recalled Shondra.

Drew says Kentucky State Police asked them to explain what happened.

The couple says the woman gave a description of the man to police.

"She looked awful. She wasn't wearing any shoes. Her feet were pouring blood," said Shondra. "Shondra had to clean her shoes when we got home, they were covered in blood," added Drew.

Soon, the man walked out of the gas station and police began questioning him.

"The state boy asked her, "do you know her?" he said "yeah, I picked her up in Martin at a bar," said Shondra.

Next, more KSP cruisers pulled into the parking lot.
Shondra and Drew knew the woman was safe with the police so they left the scene.

"We didn't even talk on the way home. I just cried the entire way," Shondra pointed out.

After further investigation, Kentucky State Police say the woman fabricated the story.

Once Drew and Shondra learned the truth, they were shocked.

"I've honestly never been so scared in my life. Never seen anyone so scared in my life. It was awful," Shondra told WYMT. "Now, I'm terrified to do anything without Drew," she added.

Right now, we do not know the identity of the man or woman.

KSP told WYMT no one was arrested.

We have also reached out to Double Kwik to get the surveillance footage from Friday night.

Management told us to call corporate back on Monday.

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