Woman on mission to find owner of ring found in Myrtle Beach waters

One woman is hoping to find the owner of this ring which was found in the ocean along Myrtle Beach (Source: Cristy Hill)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC. (WMBF) -- She said she knows it may be a long shot, but one woman is on a mission to find the owner of a ring she found while swimming in the ocean in Myrtle Beach.

Cristy Hill and her family were on vacation from Kentucky.

Hill said last Thursday, she was in the ocean in front of Captains Quarters Resort with her children, when she glanced down and saw some silver shining in the tide.

She found the silver ring with five multi-colored stones in the shape of a flower. The ring also has five names engraved on it. One of the names listed on it is Jo Jo.

The other four names listed on the ring have been blurred out because Hill is using those names to prove who it belongs to.

Hill said that she has had several people contact her, trying to claim the ring, but no one can identify all the names engraved on the ring.

Hill said that anyone who believes they are the owner of the ring should send her a Facebook message.

You can click here to get to Hill’s Facebook page and send her a message.

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