Woman says hundreds of praying mantises crawled out of Christmas tree

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WVLT) -- A Virginia woman got a Christmas surprise when she bought a real tree over the holidays.

Molly Kreuze says hundreds of praying mantises hatched from an egg case she found hidden under the branches of her tree. The mantises were crawling all over the walls, windows and the ceiling of her house.

Kreuze told CBS affiliate WJLA that instead of vacuuming them up, Kreuze has been using an envelope and shoe box to store them. She told the news station that she has been feeding them fruit flies and hopes to "re-gift" them.

She said she did some research and found that many people like praying mantises; plus, she said, they are useful, eat other bugs and some people use them for organic gardening.

However, Kreuze has said she is not interested in keeping them and hopes to find them a new home, and she definitely plans on getting a fake tree next year.