World Champ 'drives' through Knoxville Tourney

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- It was a beautiful day Friday to be outside for just about anything and that included golf like out at the Avalon course.

The course played host to the 5th annual Bill Williamson Memorial Tournament. Proceeds from this event benefit the Provision Cares Foundation and their fight against cancer. It's an event that continues
to grow and help so many says brothers Tim and Jack Williamson, "This is our 5th year of having the tournament every year at Avalon and so far after today's tournament we will have raised over 250-thousand dollars. They'll help 1800 families with the care they need to fight cancer . We lost Dad on Father's day 5 years ago so to be able to give back I think that's really turned that tragedy into a positive for our family so it's really cool."

Sports Director Rick Russo was a part of the tournament Friday, emceeing the pre-tourney festivities. Also among those out at Avalon today, Jeff Crittenden, the 2017 world long drive champion and
my goodness was he putting on a show hitting drives for teams at over 350 yards. So our question was simply, how do you do it? Crittenden responded, "Golf has changed, working out getting the right launch angles I mean everyone has a launch monitor on tour carrying around a 30-thousand dollar launch monitor now they know exactly what angle they want to hit it on what spin rates, they know what to do in the gym to get faster, it's impressive."

No stress for Jeff who hits with the music playing. He says all the long drive guys do! Yeah, we can dig it too as well as all the money he was helping raise Friday for the provision Cares Foundation.