First $20 Yassin ever made stolen during break-in; his first thought? 'I'm glad the burglar is ok'

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — According to a report from Knoxville Police Departement, officers responded to the scene of a vandalism incident at Yassin's Falafel House downtown early Monday morning.

Yassin's Falafel House was vandalized / Source: (Knoxville Police Department)

Photos show shattered glass and a rock that was apparently thrown through the windows.

Investigators estimated the cost of the damage to be $1000.

Yassin took to Twitter following the incident. He posted a photo of a sign saying "If you are hungry or need emergency money, just wait til we open because our food is fresh made in the mornings and our register is empty when we are closed! We are more than happy to help when we are open! All we need is love..... and falafel!"

WVLT News spoke to Yassin after the incident. He said that the only thing that was taken was a cash register drawer with about $120 inside, including the first $20 bill he ever made. Still, he had kind words to share, saying his first thought was the safety of everyone including the burglar.

"First, I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay," said Yassin. "The rock made a very tiny hole in the window with sharp edges that he crawled through if he fell he could have cut his neck so I'm glad he's not hurt."

Yassin also expressed concern for the other businesses that were targeted by a burglar, which Knoxville Police said they believe to be the same man.

"We're lucky that we can afford to pay for the damage, but other small businesses got hit too. People have offered to pay for the damage or fix it for free, but we are okay, but other small businesses in Knoxville might appreciate the offer. Even if you don't know them, they might need the help."

The new window needed for the restaurant had to be specially ordered so it won't be installed for a few weeks.

Police announced the arrest of Randall Cooper, 50, on Wednesday in relation to the incident.

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