You can help name Saturn's 20 new moons

A new contest gives you the chance to name Saturn's new moons. / (MGN)
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(WVLT/CNN) Saturn has surpassed all the other planets in our solar system after the discovery of 20 new moons, according to the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center.

The plant now has 82 known moons that span about three miles. The moons are all similar in size and 17 of the 20 moons orbit backward from the planet and other moons.

The moons were discovered by Carnegie Institute of Science astronomer Scott Sheppard and his team in Hawaii.

"Using some of the largest telescopes in the world, we are now completing the inventory of small moons around the giant planets," Sheppard said. "They play a crucial role in helping us determine how our Solar System's planets formed and evolved."

Now astronomers are giving people the chance to leave their mark on the new discovery.

The Carnegie Institute of Science opened a contest to allow people to name the 20 new moons.

"I was so thrilled with the amount of public engagement over the Jupiter moon-naming contest that we've decided to do another one to name these newly discovered Saturnian moons," Sheppard said. "This time, the moons must be named after giants from Norse, Gallic or Inuit mythology."

The contest is open until December 6.

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