Young basketball phenom dribbles her way to notoriety

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 7:28 PM EDT
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She's still got nearly a decade until she graduates from high school, but Molly Jane Stuffle is well on her way to a terrific basketball career.

Many sports fans have been watching ESPN's special series, "The Last Dance," featuring the Chicago Bulls and the comparable Michael Jordan.

The series is one of the reasons WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo got in touch with the Stuffles and their daughter Molly, who looks up to Jordan and who is a wizard with the basketball, doing things that would make the original MJ proud.

"I made it a point for her and my older daughter to watch it because they didn't get a chance to when he was in the NBA. it's worth the time for kids to go back and see how great he was," said Shawn Stuffle, MJ's dad.

At the age of eight, this third grader is doing things with a basketball that

many are never able to achieve. The greats will tell you, and young Molly Jane would agree, practice makes perfect.

Dad Shawn adds, "I know a lot of people say their kid works hard, but she literally works on it everyday. Unless she's sick, she's dribbling a basketball."

MJ's drive began by watching her older sister play basketball, and she

hasn't stopped since. Whether it's out on the court with her youth team or out on the driveway wowing those on social media with her precision prowess, MJ says it's fun, "It didn't take me that long to learn it, I just kept on doing it, and I just got better at it."

Among those impressed a few years back, Ellen DeGeneres who requested some tape of the youngster.. That video never aired on the national show, but our Amanda Hara did give MJ a shout out on WVLT.

"We went through a couple interviews and that didn't happen, but we we're fortunate to get that kind of attention at such an early age," said Shawn.

What about the future for this talented hoopster? Should Tennessee's Kellie Harper be taking note? Well MJ certainly hopes so saying,

"It would be really cool, but if you go there you have to be really tall."

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