Your home devices could be listening to you all the time

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Even inside the privacy of your home, did you know everything electronic is listening to you?

Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis talked to an IT expert who said that if a device is connected to the internet, you're at risk of being recorded and hacked.

Lacey Clark lives and breathes technology, so you might be surprised to learn that her house is smart free. Clark works with TeamLogic IT, and she said, "I've seen the back doors, and it's not different than opening a back door of your home and saying, 'come in.'"

She said any device you have in your home that connects to the internet is monitoring you and gathering information on you.

"When you say specific key words, it wakes up and says, 'okay, it's time for me to listen,' and when that happens, ISPs [internet service providers] are allowed to sell your browsing data," Clark said.

Your smart TV, your Xbox, your iPad, your Amazon Dot, Google Home and even your baby monitor all store information in a database that can easily be hacked.

"They can gather credit card information, personal information in your house, all because you have a device on the network," Clark said.

This surveillance can be helpful to advertisers like Moxley Carmichael because the device will gather information so they'll know who to advertise to.

"We can run demos like we want to advertise to these people in this age range that are going to the beach, and it will pick you out because you talked about it," John McCulley with Moxley Carmichael said.

So be careful like Lacey when you're around smart devices behind closed doors because they are always listening.

To protect yourself, experts recommend changing the user name on the device and then changing the password. Make sure it is 13-15 characters, upper and lower case, and has special characters and numbers.