Zoo Knoxville welcomes baby red panda

Marvin the panda in his incubator. / Source: (Zoo Knoxville)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Zoo Knoxville received a delivery of an 8-week old red panda named Marvin from the Idaho Falls Zoo Friday evening.

The zoo has 3 other cubs as well who are all around 10 weeks of age. This will give Marvin the chance to grow up with other red pandas like himself.

"You want them to learn to be pandas. They learn cues from each other and get to play. More so however they get to learn with their peers how to be a panda rather than by themselves," said Phil Colclough the Director of Animal Care Conservation and Education.

Both of Marvin's parents were raised at Zoo Knoxville as well.

Check out our Facebook Live of Marvin's delivery here.

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