Tenn. hospital employee wears shirt with confederate flag, noose

A hospital in Memphis fired an employee who reportedly wore a shirt with a confederate flag and a noose to the polls on election day.

On Tuesday, a voter took a picture of a man who had shown up to the polls wearing the controversial attire. The photographer did not want to reveal himself because he told news outlets that he is not sure what the person wearing the shirt is capable of, but said he doesn't want to stay quiet about his experience.

"How could someone feel comfortable coming out in public, let alone to a polling station, with a shirt like that," he said. "I thought he was a worker because he was behind the counter. But come to find out, he was an express voter."

According to CBS affiliate WREG, the voters filled out their ballots at the Pleasant Hill Road polling location in Olive Branch.

The man who took the photograph said his brother noticed the shirt.

"My brother pointed out the shirt, and I'm like, 'That's a noose.'"

The voter said he felt a sense of pride before seeing the man's shirt.

"They try to intimidate you to keep you away from the polls, and I think that's the exact reason we need to go," he said.

The voter posted the picture on Facebook after returning home.

On Thursday, Regional One Health confirmed that the man pictured in a controversial photo is one of their employees.

According to WREG, the hospital released a statement, saying, "We're actively investigating the allegation related to an employee to verify the truth...We understand the very intense feelings around this serious situation and know everyone wants updates."

On Thursday evening, the hospital announced it had fired the employee, according to WREG.

According to the Secretary of State, there's only one rule regarding clothing on election day: voters are not allowed to bear the name or image of a candidate while in a polling place.