Tennessee man accused of trying to coax girlfriend into killing wife

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 5:51 PM EDT
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A Tennessee man was arrested after being accused of trying to coax his girlfriend into killing his estranged wife.


Mark Noelker was charged with solicitation for first-degree murder. According to court records, Noelker's wife told deputies in Shelby County his girlfriend reached out to her sister on Facebook with screenshots of conversations with Noelker.

Investigators said Noelker allegedly asked his girlfriend how he could get somebody "offed" and explained how it would have to happen. His plan, investigators said, was to meet up with his estranged wife, starting a fight between the two women, and he would shoot his estranged wife in self-defense.

He also reportedly stated “he could not do it because he would be the first person police would look at.”

WREG reported that the wife told investigators she was going through a divorce and child custody battle with Noelker. The girlfriend allegedly told deputies that she had "a short sexual relationship" with Noelker, and she "believed it necessary to alert" the estranged wife.

WREG reported they spoke to the girlfriend who told them the same details over the phone, stressing she would never follow through with such a plan. She has not been charged.

Deputies said they traced the number in the texts back to Noelker. WREG reported he was arrested last week.

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