Cocke County Sheriff's Office conducts drug arrest

Published: May. 20, 2017 at 9:39 AM EDT
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Officers with the Cocke County Sheriff's Department and the Newport Police Department responded to two unconscious individuals at CITGO on May 19.

When the officers arrived on scene, they found a female lying on the ground and a male in the driver's seat of a vehicle, both unresponsive. Officers did CPR until EMS arrived and took both individuals to the Newport medical center.

Officers spoke with a third person on scene. She was in the vehicle as well and told officers she had met with a man named David Cushman earlier and purchased heroin from him.

She proceeded to call Cushman again and asked for more drugs. According to police, Cushman advised the woman to meet him at the Marathon gas station where they had met earlier.

Around 20 minutes after the call, Cushman pulled into the Marathon gas station in a blue Dodge Durango pulling a trailer. Officers watched and made contact with the suspect. They informed Cushman that they were officers with the Narcotics Unit and asked him if he had anything illegal with him.

Officers conducted a search of his person, and officer say that Cushman told them that he had a bottle of cocaine in his pocket. A bottle with a white, rock substance was found on his person.

Officers searched the vehicle and found approximately one ounce of meth, six grams of cocaine, four grams of heroin and 84 full Xanax and 50 various sizes of Xanax digital scales and baggies.

They asked Cushman for his license, and officers confirmed that his license was revoked.

Along with the suspect's vehicle and trailer, $655 dollars was seized. Cushman had outstanding warrants for his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia for trafficking cocaine and trafficking heroin.

He is charged with: possession of schedule one heroin for resale, possession of schedule two cocaine for resale, possession of schedule five Xanax for resale, possession of schedule two methamphetamine for resale and driving while revoked.

Charges may be pending for aggravated assault upon a completed investigation involving the distribution of narcotics which resulted in the serious bodily injury of another.