How to Cook a Lobster Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Fresh Maine lobster


We invited my friend Phil Dangle from the Shrimp Dock to demonstrate how to cook Maine lobster. The first rule for cooking lobster:


Once you have that rule firmly in mind, cooking times for lobster are 10 minutes for the first pound of lobster and one minute for each quarter pound after the first pound.

Here are three ways to prepare lobster.

1) Grill: This is a great way to prepare lobster tails. Split the tail down the center top, butterfly open and place on the grill with the meat side up. Grill for one and a half minutes per ounce. For example, five ounces would need to grill for approximately seven and a half minutes. The meat will turn white when it's ready.

2) Broil: This is another great way to prepare lobster tails. Turn the oven to "broil." Cut your lobster tail open and partially peel the meat out from shell to tail. Baste with butter and broil (approximately three ounces from the heating element) for one and a half minutes per ounce. There is no need to turn the lobster in the oven as it will cook evenly all the way around.

3) Boil/Steam: This the best way to prepare live lobster. Fill a pot with salted water and bring it to a boil. Put your live lobster in the pot head first. Cook for one and a half minutes per ounce plus one minute for each additional quarter ounce.

The Shrimp Dock has all sizes and live lobsters from Maine. Just remember, when you're cooking lobster: DO NOT OVERCOOK- and DON'T BE AFRAID.