Dollywood’s Spiced Apple Gold Peak Tea Tuesday, October 24, 2017 CW20


Gold Peak Sweet Tea 2 Gal
Simply Apple Juice 2 Gal
Honey 4 Cups
Ground Cinnamon 2/3 Cup
Coffee Filter 1 Each
Bakers String 4”


For Hot - Brew sweetened Gold Peak Tea. Prepare spice bag using 1 coffee filter and Bakers string. Measure out ground cinnamon and tie up in the coffee filter. Be sure Bakers string is tied tightly to prevent ground cinnamon from escaping. Combine 2 gal of sweet tea and 2 gal of Simply Apple Juice and heat. Once heated, add in the honey and the ground cinnamon spice bag. Stir contents to ensure all ingredients are mixed. Allow juice to heat. Once heated thoroughly serve.

For Cold - Heat as above, place into refrigerator and allow to chill.