Low Country Boil Thursday, December 17, 2009


A Dollywood Recipe

48 raw shrimp
48 oz crab legs
1 8 oz smoked sausage
6 ears of corn
24 red potatoes
18 baby carrots
18 pearl onions
12 oz melted butter
12 lemon wedges
48 oz Old Bay Seasoning


In a very large pot, boil water and add Old Bay Seasoning, potatoes, carrots, onions, corn and smoked sausage. Cook until done. Remove and place in a separate pan. Drop crab legs and shrimp into same boiling water and cook for approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from water and combine with other ingredients. Place an assortment of all ingredients on individual plates. Use melted butter for dipping and lemon wedges for flavor.