18 days 'til football time in Tennessee

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Alright, the countdown continues with Senior Wide Receiver Brandon Johnson, does that blow your mind hearing that?
Yea man time has flown by.

Brandon Johnson speaks to Rick Russo with just 18 days left until it's football time in Tennessee. / Source: (WVLT)

Now that receiving core has become a strong point for this team, you’ve got a veteran QB in Jarrett Guarantano. Talk about how special a thing that’ll be for this year.

Wll it’s chemistry really, being that we have four seniors in the receiving room, I’m just excited for the season.

Now what some folks might not know is that your father, Charles Johnson played professional baseball, I grew up in South Florida and enjoyed watching him play for the Marlins.

Yeah, it’s been great having my dad there just his perspective on being a professional athlete, even though it’s been a different sport.

Alright, tell the folks how many days.

There are just 18 days until it’s football time in Tennessee.