2019 GKSHOF Inductee | David Meske

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Coming up at the end of the month the Greater Knoxville Sports hall of Fame will welcome in its new class. Among the 9 inductees is the man
for whom the stadium at Webb School is named after, long time head football coach David Meske. When asked about going into the Hall David responded, "It's an amazing honor, it's something that you never think is gonna happen to you when I got the call I was surprised , my wife was extremely surprised and honored that we've had the opportunity to be at Webb School so long and achieve what our players have achieved."

Over the years, Meske's won seven state football championships and his Spartans have been state runners-up, three times. He's also coached wrestling and track and field, and has also been the A-D at Webb. I asked him how he's been able to push through all these years? He said, " It's a great place, first of all Webb School academically is one of the best schools in the country, but coming in here and having an opportunity to work with all the athletes, it's fun! It's not a job, I go to work excited about the day again it's an honor, it's an honor that Mr. Webb gave me the opportunity to be here."

The coach added, " It is, it's special, you know winning football games is important but it's not the most important thing. What's really important to me is seeing the kids develop into young men and young women who are gonna go out there and make a difference in other peoples lives.'

Coach Meske and I go way back some three decades here in Knoxville and East Tennessee, our kids have kind of grown up together and we've watched things develop in this community, a community that the coach says is very special to him, " It is, I've had tremendous support from this community out parents are just the best they support our programs and they do it the right way all the time and you don't see that everywhere and that's the way it's done at Webb school. I've had an opportunity to coach a lot of good kids and they went out there and worked hard they wanted to learn and achieve my job was just to kind of guide them, but they did all the work."

David Meske, one of the inductees into the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of fame, the induction banquet coming up on July 25th