24 days until it's football time in Tennessee

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Rick Russo: Well, our countdown continues with long snapper Riley Lovingood, this is the last go-round for ya, isn’t it?

Riley Lovingood talked to Rick Russo as part of the countdown to football time in Tennessee. / Source: (WVLT)

Riley Lovingood: Yes sir, fifth and final.

RR: Oh my goodness what a career here it’s been fun hasn’t it?

RL: It’s been great being in the City of Knoxville and getting to know everyone around here.

RR: Alright, tell me about being a long snapper.

RL: It’s all about precision and time it’s kinda like being a sniper in the army. You don’t get called on very often, but you have to perform every time.

RR: Have you seen those social media videos where they are trying to knock the cap off the bottle? Have you tried it?

RL: Oh, I could do it but I'm more concentrating on football season.

RR: Absolutely. so you are pursuing a career in politics, that’s a heated issue these days.

RL: Yes, sir my dream is to one day represent the state of Tennessee in the political sector.

RR: Senator Lovingood, sounds good, tell the folks how many days, hey vol nation there is only 24 days until it’s football time in Tennessee.”