29 days until Vol football, Jahmir Johnson talks picking up intensity

Rick Russo talks with Jahmir Johnson.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)-- It's the second day of the 30 Days 30 Vols countdown to the season opener at home against Georgia State on August, 31st.

Rick Russo talked with redshirt junior left tackle Jahmir Johnson on how the off-season has prepared the team for the upcoming season.

Johnson says, "this off-season we've been working hard both on and off the field, picking up the intensity for the next year and things like that."

With Coach Pruitt going into his second season as head coach, the team is feeling more comfortable on the field, "I'm comfortable with everything in this system both offensively and defensively so everything is gonna keep going good this year I believe," Johnson says.

Vols fans there are only 29 more days until football time in Tennessee.

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