Fans call win over Auburn "turning point"

It's a win most fans didn't see coming. The Vols went down to Auburn, and they beat the nationally ranked Tigers. Since then, people haven't stopped talking about it.

"Wide receivers and the quarterback are the two best areas on our team," one caller said.

Several fans called to share their thoughts on the win and future of the season. Many said they saw a completely different team on the field.

"It seems like you always have a turning game and this looks like a turning game for us," another caller said. "We could have a little slip back, but I don think we will step back."

Others fan are now a little more optimistic about the future of the season, but many are still realistic knowing who the Vols face next.

"So your prediction is 45-10 Alabama, but Blake you have to feel better coming out of the weekend with Tennessee performance," radio host Josh Ward said.

"Oh, yeah," a third caller said. "It was ridiculous. I mean I'm pretty sure the neighbors called the cops on me a couple times while I was screaming on the front porch. Feeling pretty good but not as good as we are going to feel after the Alabama game."