Admiral Schofield gets standing ovation at Vols game

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- VFL and Washington Wizards player Admiral Schofield was honored at Thompson-Boling Arena during the Vols game against Vanderbilt Tuesday night.

Source: WVLT

With Admiral watching on, the Vols struggled to a four-point win thanks in part to free throws from Jordan Bowden and a second-half resurgence from John Fulkerson.

Vol fans gave Schofield a standing ovation.

WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo caught up with Schofield who said that the team is totally different from when he played.

"We played totally different than how they play. They have to get used to that. It's going to take time, but you've got to appreciate them playing hard and they're young," Schofield said.

During the postgame press conference, Coach Rick Barnes said he had Schofield and Lamonte Turner speak to the team.

"Those guys hit them with some good things, and it's important they understand it and understand that they have to do it now," Barnes said.

The Vols defeated Vanderbilt 65-61.

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