Bringing events back to Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Visiting Knoxville or anywhere in the United States right now is not an easy proposition. The latest to postpone their trek to Tennessee, Team USA Softball and it's exhibition game at Lee Stadium on the UT campus against the Lady Vols.

"We were very excited about having team USA in Knoxville, getting to watch Monica Abbott come home, but our goal is to land that event again next year if they do the tour again. The University of Tennessee is on board, Visit Knoxville is on board and I think USA Softball is on board to come back," says Chad Culver, the Senior Director of the Sports Commission at visit Knoxville, a group that's used to bringing people together. Unfortunately, that's something we're all being asked not to do at this time.

Culver says, "It's been different, anybody in this industry will tell you they've never seen anything like it, but we're lucky we have good partners in Knoxville. Our team at Visit Knoxville, our president Kim Bumpass all wants to see us do well. We want it to still happen in Knoxville, it just can't happen right now."

One of the events which can't happen right now is the Knoxville Open, which was set to tee off for the first time at Holston Hills Country Club and under new title sponsor, Visit Knoxville.

"That's an event we've been so excited about and the changes that have been made and that's coming on board as a sponsor so we're hoping everything can come through and they can fit it in this season. They've got a couple of dates they're looking at so keep an eye on that and hopefully we'll see that one this year too," said Culver.

He's confident we'll see the postponed events return to Knoxville primarily because of the relationships that have been built and the Volunteer Spirit which permeates through our region and adds, " The easiest part of my job is selling this city because the people in Knoxville and this County are great! When we bring groups to town they're excited to be here, they're excited to see the teams come from out of town. When we had the Bassmaster Classic and USA Cycling people treated them so well they want to come back. We want to get to that point where people can visit Knoxville again and we'll be full speed ahead doing what we've always done."

Chad's hopeful for a big finish to this calendar year with his group trying to bring in as many events as possible before 2021.

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