Championship event draws thousands of swimmers to Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Thousands of swimmers have spent all summer preparing for the Greater Knoxville Area Interclub Swimming Association (GKAISA) City Meet this weekend.

Swimmer competes in the GKAISA in Knoxville / Source: WVLT News

The meet, which started in the 1960s according to meet referee Tom Schumann, is where swimmers from each team compete in their best events.

One of the young competitors, Ellie Kate Barber, says, "It's really big, and it's really fun, but it's also kind of scary if it's like your first time." Ellie said everyone is very supportive, and the coaches help out a lot.

It's not just about swimming, however, events like this can bring out the best in kids. Many of the competitors have made a difference, holding fundraisers for various causes and other charitable events. "It's just been a great way to bring the community together," said Emily Allen, Green Meadows Swim Coach.

It is held at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center on the University of Tennessee campus Thursday through Saturday. For a full list of events, go here. Everyone gets in free.

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