Chizik likes Pruitt hire and Vols chances at Auburn

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Coach Jeremy Pruitt met with the media one final time tonight
before Saturday's showdown on the plains and yes, he likes the way
his guys have been getting ready saying Wednesday, "I've seen a lot of improvement and I think our team has improved every week in all phases. The one thing that we have not improved on is protecting the football I think we're improving our tackling on defense and we're improving our pass rush, so we've just got to keep doing that, and that's what everybody has been focusing on for the last two weeks."

Now if anyone can get a team ready for auburn it's Jeremy Pruitt, who is 6-2 against the Tigers as an assistant coach. As for the rest of the season and beyond, at least one former SEC coach believes Pruitt's a guy that can get it done at Tennessee. SEC Network analyst and former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik says, " I think Jeremy Pruitt is a really good hire. Here's something I know that you probably don't know. He is drinking water out of fire hose everyday trying to figure this out "

As for UT's chances this Saturday Chizik says, :" Tennessee has a chance at Auburn. Auburn's reeling a little bit right now then the pressure's on. Tennessee's had a week off I thought there were some really good things that happened in the Georgia game . The Georgia game came down to you couldn't convert third downs and eventually they just over powered you because they have better players but you're seeing some baby steps and you'll see some improvement as we go."

Another item that might give you hope this Saturday is that Jeremy Pruitt was 6-2 as an assistant coach against the Tigers. We'll see if he can work some of that magic on Saturday.